Artists who proudly endorse and wear Ethos guitar straps, boots and other products. All our Artists are consummate professionals, all highly respected in the music business and some of the most skilled guitarists, singers and producers in the world. 

Zach Williams

Most recently he can add recording artist to the list. Zach is no novice to the music industry. He had spent a majority of his life traveling with various bands. It was while on the road that the Lord grabbed a hold of him and he decided to leave the rock star life behind.

After that, Zach transitioned in to a position at the Refuge Campus of Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas in which he still serves. It came as a shock when the opportunity to sign with Provident Label Group as a new Christian artist arose. Never in his wildest dreams did Zach Williams think that he would be in this place of writing and recording music in the Christian music industry, especially from years of hard living on the road while in a rock & roll band.

His personal testimony of receiving freedom in the Lord is so beautifully reflected in his debut single “Chain Breaker”. The song came from a place of wanting to reach people who had been struggling and it undoubtedly has. Over the course of it’s release in the summer of 2016, an influx of stories have been shared on his various social media pages by people who have experienced the life changing power of broken chains.

Elvis Monroe

What happens when you combine America's most iconic rock and roll artist with America's most popular, Hollywood personalities? Elvis Monroe! The Las Vegas based country-rock band is fronted by former lead singer of Paperback Hero, Bryan Hopkins. "You might say I've had the name Elvis hollered at me a 'few times'," laughs Bryan. Not a tag that the Lakota Indian from Oregon shies away from at all, but instead one that helped him name the band, along with Ricky Nelson's son. The band was formed in 2011 when Bryan was asked to perform, rather unexpectedly, at Studio City in North Hollywood for a benefit concert. On a whim, he asked his friend and new songwriting partner, Ben Carey, to come perform with him. Ben, then lead guitarist for super group Lifehouse, just happened to be available to play the gig...and the rest you might say, is history...or their story. 

Monte Pittman

 While the life of a sideman is sure to generate a pretty varied résumé, few have as odd a pedigree as Monte Pittman. Hailing from Longview, Texas, the guitarist, singer, and songwriter got his start playing in bands around his native state before moving to Los Angeles in 1999, where he took a job as a guitar teacher. The job would turn out to be a boon for Pittman, who took on a nice couple, director Guy Ritchie and international pop star Madonna, as students. Pittman was invited to join Madonna's band while she was touring for Ray of Light, and he became a constant fixture. Around the same time, Pittman joined groove metal band Prong, playing guitar and eventually helping to produce albums for the band. In 2009, Pittman released his first solo album, The Deepest Dark, which featured the singer/songwriter dipping his toes into solo waters with an acoustic album. The following year he would head out on tour with Adam Lambert, whom he had previously played with before Lambert appeared on American Idol, as a guitarist and music director. A second solo effort, this time a post-grunge album titled Pain, Love & Destiny, arrived in 2011, and was followed by a third, more heavy metal-leaning effort, The Power of Three, in 2014. 2016's Inverted Grasp of Balance saw Pittman team up with Charred Walls of the Damned, Iced Earth and Death drummer Richard Christy, and bass virtuoso Billy Sheehan, for a set of heavy, hard-driving originals.

Monte Pittman


In the "SMALL" world of Southern Oregon, Fogline continues to do "BIG" things! They look forward to the future and refuse to stray from the "Fogline" that keeps them true to the road they've traveled with unwavering commitment and dedication. They consistently maintain the status of fan favorites among the regions country bands.  "It is our relationships with the fans that drive us...they are in our songs, they inspire us," says the drummer, Kyle Stenseth.  

The guys have been busy writing and producing songs that are genuine, authentic, and taken from a unique Oregon and outdoor perspective, which they look forward to releasing in the coming months. Meanwhile, their live shows continue to be their bread and butter, where they will make you laugh, cry and lose all control on the dance floor.  Each show is an experience you're likely never to forget.  



Harry Smith

Harry Smith is a renowned session guitarist, producer and tour guitarist for Martina Mcbride. Based in Nashville, Harry has honed his guitar playing skills while rubbing shoulders with some of the greats in Music City. He has also recently produced records for legendary country band Restless Heart, as well as Martina and many others. 

Harry Smith- Martina Mcbride