Void Breaker Guitar Strap

Void Breaker Guitar Strap

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Most Ethos guitar straps can be customized to a specific width, length, color changes or adding initials. Please contact us with your custom requests before ordering.  Failure to contact us with custom requests before placing your order can delay your order or having the incorrect order being shipped. 

Forged in the smelting chambers of the Emberfire fortress, the Void-Breaker was intended to be a new handcrafted weapon for Torquin before the downfall of the fortress. The distressed red base leather houses the blade inspired merlot design with Ethos’ trademark inlay/onlay technique and represents the hardened, fierce nature of the Emberfires. The small maroon cross overlay is topped with a rugged celtic cross concho, akin to the dwarves iron will, while the design is accented by four antique nickel studs. Rich wine and gleaming silver stitching encompass the weaponesqe strap like the precious ore veins of the mountain.

Ethōs signature 3.18mm comfort-crafted padding is backed with a glove-soft lining for maximum player comfort.

Width - Available in 3 inch (standard) and 3.5 inch widths.

Length - Adjustable from 45 to 56 inches

The photo listed represents a near-exact replica; however, due to lighting, dye, tanning and distressing process variances, the actual products ordered may vary slightly.

All products are made to order and ship within 8-14 business days of ordering date. If you need your item rushed, please call us at 918-790-2956 or email us at: support@ethoscustombrands.com.

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