How do we build a boot?

        If you have an interest in boot making, make sure you take a look at this video.  We describe how to do an important part in boot making - the welting.  Anyone familiar or have experience in boot making?  We would love to hear your thoughts and techniques!


  • Kelly

    This is an amazing video for anyone who has an interest in building boots and for those who just love to wear boots! It’s interesting to see what goes into creating this product! Way to go Ethos Custom Brands!

  • Steve

    This is the way to welt. After trying all the other commonly used methods, my back testing has shown that this is the most durable and serviceable method. I now routinely get boots back for resoling that I originally resold using this method starting 2 years ago. The soles, mid-soles and sometimes the insoles may rot, but the horse butt welt, and the waxed, braided poly cord never does. I’ve had boots brought in that the customer had completely walked through the sole, welt and a portion of the vamp, but the inseaming still held together. I welt an average of 1 pair a day and can welt a pair in 20-25 minutes. That’s how you make money. Thanks Chad for sharing your methods with all of us. And thanks for constantly pushing the envelope.
    Steve at Born Again Boots
    Marble Falls, TX

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